585: Positive Psychology, Self-Actualization, and Quality of Life with Orin Davis

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join Orin Davis and me as we talk about positive psychology, self-actualization, and quality of life. With tons of people still in remote work, Orin and I also discuss the lessons we've taken from the pandemic and what it tells us about limitations, cultural and traditional adjustments, and self-compassion. As an Orthodox Jewish, he also shares the story of a Rabbi named Zusya and how his life and death worry relates to the many questions of self-actualization. Tune in closely as we cover more in this episode!

On Humanity and Endurance 

How can you remain resilient even if you know that after rising above a current dilemma, another one is probably going to come around? Without oversimplifying, for Orin, there are two things: breakdown and rebuild. When we hear the word 'breakdown,' we often have negative connotations attached. It resembles weakness, vulnerability, and crumbling. Orin confirms it's all of these by essence. And adhering to these traits and allowing repair when there's damage is the vital thing to do. Expecting people to endure without end is an inhumane thing. For us humans, the strength and weakness lie in our fragility. Against so much of nature—eventually—the endurance of someone fragile is bound to crack. This is also the reason why people protest. Because emotion is energy, suppressing so much of it pushes people to rupture, project, and rally. So much 'enduring' is a call-to-action to burst. When this rupture is fulfilled and addressed, it then subsides. The fragility that comes with humanness is the attestation of a person's limits. Without recognition, these limits can only go so far. And when these limits reach their end, with or without the 'break,' the break needs to happen. How you define that 'break' is up to you.

Outline of the episode:

  • [02:39]What is Positive Psychology?
  • [05:58]The pandemic state of mind
  • [09:00]Under abnormal circumstances, you won't get normal results
  • [13:22]What matters more: impact or intent?
  • [18:54]How does one endure when there's always conflict?
  • [24:29]Sometimes creativity stifles
  • [29:00]The fear in Rabbi Zusya's deathbed
  • [32:15]How can you self-actualize?
  • [36:42]God anticipates everything and gives permission
  • [39:07]Orin and Tayo – on the realizations from the pandemic
  • [46:44]Always not what they expected…


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