583: Baloo Living with Elizabeth Grojean

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join Elizabeth Grojean and I talk about her awakening to entrepreneurship, BalooLiving, and the many challenges of upcoming brands and of women in business. Before Elizabeth decided to go back to Bali with little left of her savings, she needed to ask herself the reason why she's stepping into, at that time, what felt like the 'unknown' of that stage of her life. Fast forward today, she considers BalooLiving and everything they do as her service and way to connect with other people. Tune in and find inspiration from how Elizabeth mustered the courage to begin a new phase of her life in this episode!

To live by your own terms

Despite having done so many things to reinvent herself and give herself a ton of professional experience, Elizabeth was still unfulfilled. But why? The question was not new to her. However, by going through uncomfortable changes in life, she finally decided she can only live on her own terms by starting her own business. Thus, BalooLiving. With her weighted blanket business, Elizabeth found a way to have something for herself that she genuinely believed in and can also serve as a way for her to connect with other people. To compare her as an entrepreneur to her previous self is to be looking at two very different versions. But with courage, she was able to reinvent herself again to a whole new level. The most challenging part for Elizabeth, aside from the business's operations and the systemic factors limiting women, was the self-limitations. Because of her own belief of what was expected from women—especially women in business— for a long time, Elizabeth held herself back from becoming her higher self.

Outline of the episode:

  • [04:29]Elizabeth: On finding experience and going through uncomfortable change
  • [08:32]Not having something to label yourself with can feel off
  • [10:40]How did BalooLiving start?
  • [15:30]A brand about service to others and to the self
  • [18:29]How do weighted blankets work?
  • [21:49]Elizabeth: On the importance of a sustainable business
  • [25:17]The challenges of inventory, forecasting, cash flow, and supply chain to a new business
  • [31:30]Women in entrepreneurship
  • [35:36] Elizabeth is a customer of her own product!
  • [37:53]To be a business that puts people and the planet first


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