581: Black and Abroad with Juanita Ingram

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join Juanita Ingram and me to talk about the trailing spouse syndrome, Racism, the pandemic, and 'The Expats: International Ingrams' – the reality tv show that depicts their lives as an African-American family living abroad. Moving to London as a career move for his husband was a total mixed bag of feelings for Juanita as an attorney. From there, she began to unfold an array of realizations that she both struggled with and blossomed from. Tune in and find out how Juanita learned to redefine her life's new and changing seasons in this episode!

The Conception of The Show: The Expats: International Ingrams

Juanita is a self-confessed fan of reality shows. But no matter how much she is fond of them, she admits many things are lacking about the majority of the reality shows we see on TV. "…how we're being portrayed, in what's supposed to be reality shows, are impacting how the world sees us as black people," Juanita believes. In this episode, she recalls one gathering that motivated the show, The Expats. The show was born out of the importance of breaking stereotypes and showing positive black images internationally. The idea of a trailing spouse is also a theme that's heavily explored in the show, together with rejecting the common belief that life abroad is a long vacation. Ultimately, for Juanita, black people need to be seen in a different light. Because blacks are rarely seen as doctors, vice presidents, executives, and as families living internationally, Juanita took it upon her as a responsibility to showcase their reality as a black family. As of the moment, 'The Expats: International Ingrams Show' has garnered 78% five-star ratings from Amazon Prime viewers.

Outline of the episode:

  • [04:01] Juanita: Has traveling and living internationally always been in mind?
  • [09:03] A mixed bag of feelings – Juanita's career as an attorney and the experience of having to move abroad.
  • [13:33] Juanita: On going through Trailing Spouse Syndrome.
  • [17:37] Redefining what it means to be a 'trailing spouse' by understanding how wolves work in packs.
  • [25:17] Racism is not new.
  • [27:58] In many places, the pandemic is a political issue instead of being a people issue.
  • [36:14] Reality shows, and shows in general, impact representation.
  • [38:32] Why did 'The Expats: International Ingrams Show' have to be made?
  • [44:21] For the show to be a franchise!
  • [47:45] About her books and Juanita Ingram as an author.


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