580: Understanding Digital Body Language with Erica Dhawan

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join Erica Dhawan and me to talk about what digital body language is, what it means to be inclusive, and the tips for connecting better – digitally. Now that more work-from-home settings are in place communicating may be an obstacle for some. Without the personal experience of body language, understanding how to connect is a challenge. But for Erica, body language didn't disappear—it just evolved. Tune in with us and learn about how Erica sees body language in the digital setting in this episode!

The Digital Body Language You Already Have 

Unlike when communicating face-to-face, understanding how someone responds to you through a video call or through chat can be very challenging. Most of the time, you're only limited to judging texts and video calls. When work is concerned, this can be frustrating. But don't lose hope just yet! There are typical examples of digital body language that you're probably just overlooking. If you observe more, you can totally inform yourself on how to better your communication and connection with work and colleagues when work-from-home settings remain. For Erica, body language is not lost when working or communicating digitally. It's just in a different form. How someone structures their email, how fast or slow they answer calls, how they use punctuations, and the frequency of their emojis are all examples of how body language works in a digital situation. They all contribute to the experience and either add or deduct from how someone receives the delivery of the message. They may not be the same with talking face-to-face, but nevertheless, they tell you a thing or two about someone's manner of responding in a digital space.

Outline of the episode:

  • [02:26]What is body language in digital form?
  • [06:46]Digital body language has different styles!
  • [08:57]We are all immigrants to the world of digital body language.
  • [11:44]The practical tips to improve your digital body language.
  • [17:03]Erica: On speaking about connection and collaboration in a law firm retreat – A memorable experience on pivoting.
  • [21:02]Every part of communication is always under the spectrum.
  • [24:06]Formality Confusion – A form of anxiety that provokes digital body language.
  • [28:02]Gender differences in digital body language exist; What is Connectional Intelligence?
  • [33:12]Understanding digital body language is an opportunity to be more inclusive and less biased; Tips for virtual job interviews.
  • [37:26]Erica: On deciding not to go down the traditional path.


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