579: Living Outside the Binary with Aubrey Blanche

In today's episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join Aubrey Blanche and me as we talk about racialization, equitable leadership, living outside the binary, and more. As someone who opted out from being often white assumed, Aubrey uses her story to teach people about race and privilege. She also talks about the effects of tragedy olympics in this episode and how the game of 'who's pain is worse?' squanders the opportunity for anyone involved to champion empathy. For Aubrey, it's not saying that we shouldn't engage in critique, but we should do so on the grounds of compassion and not on violence and argument. Find out more about how you can live outside of the binary in this episode as you tune in to Aubrey Blanche!

Everyone Must Find Their Work & Do It!

For Aubrey, right now, there's so much work to do on our idea that the way we do things is the only way. She thinks that our work is such a function of the privileges we hold that we spend a lot of time actively arguing with each other about what the best way forward is. This type of energy isn't the type that fights the needed fight. Aubrey likes to go back to a quote by Audre Lorde that says: "each of us must find our work and do it." Critique and constantly questioning concepts and things in place should definitely live on. But for Aubrey, the motivation behind and the goal after it needs to be precise. If it's to critique for the sake of argument, then that's not it. She believes that critique must be done on the grounds of compassion for each other in a way that preserves the relationships we have. And that should come with respect. We need to critique, but we don't need to critique with violence against the people who are walking the path with us—because that's a distraction. That's what white supremacy culture wants us to do—fight each other so that we can't fight it. And that's the win they should never get.

Outline of the episode:

  • [02:11]Promote representation, uniqueness, and other identities; lest we…
  • [05:02]By being seen, I help others be seen. 
  • [10:04]On going through a process of racialization.
  • [17:39]An experiment that leads to a full-time position that tackled organizational biases.
  • [22:09]The level of secondary trauma typical for leadership roles and roles where it's your job to care.
  • [26:17]Tragedy Olympics is a problem!
  • [30:05]The difference between a bullsh***er and a liar.
  • [35:20] What is equitable leadership?
  • [40:11]Allow your privilege to make an impact with the P.A.A. Model.
  • [43:04]"Remember, somebody has to catch the football of our ideas and actions…."


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