575: How to Change Your Work and Your World from the Inside Out with Scott Shute

In today’s episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and my guest, Scott Shute, as we talk about what happiness and compassion are, the redefinition of success, and the importance of mindfulness in gaining insight into the body and mind. For Scott, compassion has proven to go a long way not only for people – but also for corporate structures. Just as much as he believes that success grows not only within matters of work and career, he believes that a successful company not only heed its shareholders but its stakeholders as well. As LinkedIn’s Head of Mindfulness and Compassion, allow your mind to open as Scott breaks down how compassion is an awareness of others, having the mindset of wishing the best for them, the courage to take action, and many more.

Next Lesson: Happiness

In this episode, Scott explains to the listeners how happiness isn’t always all about what happens, as opposed to what others believe. Happiness is in the reaction – for Scott. Let’s take, for example, good and bad days. If you keep close notice, there are days where you wake up, and you absolutely just feel like a winner. That no matter what goes on, you’ll face it all. And then there are days wherein you feel heavy, and down that, you can’t even get out of bed so much so that it confuses you. For Scott, the difference goes back to what happens inside your head. In a striking statement, Scott speaks: “happiness is an inside job!” Often, we are all aware of what that happiness means to us. Imagine how at times, through conversations, our bodies naturally react to what we talk about. When we talk about something that makes us nervous, our bodies tense, jitters, and grows cold. While if we talk about topics that we are passionate about, the body fills with energy, we talk faster, and the ideas come rushing naturally. Using this example tells of a strong message that Scott agrees with. Our body knows what can make it happy. And by learning that, meditating on that, and shaping your life into more of those things that make you feel good –you gain more view into what happiness truly means to you.

Outline of the episode:

[03:20] What does it mean to change your world from the inside out?

[05:13] Four parts to learning optimism and happiness.

[08:12] On finding contentment despite suppression and hurt.

[12:22] How can we discover what is important to us?

[15:56] A successful company is…

[20:45] Where does genuine compassion start?

[24:55] Compassion as a strategic advantage.

[29:26] Success can also happen outside of work.

[33:06] The journey of becoming LinkedIn’s Head of Mindfulness and Compassion.

[36:01] Find the environment that cultivates you fully!