574: Emotionally Intelligent Cross-Cultural Communication with Doni Aldine

In today’s episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and my guest, Doni Aldine, as we talk about the cross-cultural superpowers of empathy, vulnerability, and emotional intelligence in creating a sense of belonging. As someone who’s identified with 7 different cultures at the early age of 19, Doni explains the importance of adding emotional intelligence in cross-cultural communication and interaction. In this episode, she also shares about CULTURS Magazine and how the celebration of multicultural identities inculcates in everything they do through media, products, and experiences. Everything cross-culture can’t be explained any better than Doni Aldine herself, so make sure to tune in to everything she shares!

Being Emotionally Intelligent Through Cultural Mobility 

For Doni, people of color and multi-cultures are usually those that have the most cultural mobility. It’d only make sense. Because they move from one place to another, they adapt to the environment and culture outside of their own, or their parent’s as they grow. Aside from the culture that they’re born into, living in these in-between spaces also gives them a poly-dimensional POV of people’s background that helps them rise to meet other people’s differences better. But what if an individual hasn’t experienced that level of geographical mobility? Doni elaborates how an individual can still develop emotional intelligence in this scenario. If someone comes from a small and humble town and proceeds with his/her higher education, entering a university can already be a means for cultural mobility that aids in enhancing an individual’s emotional intelligence. As the person co-learns with thousands of individuals coming from various backgrounds in one space, his/her learned culture and emotional intelligence expand even if free from intention. 

Outline of the episode:

  • [03:16] The Americans!
  • [05:16] On growing up with multiple varying languages.
  • [08:30] There are many dimensions to being a third-culture individual.
  • [11:31] Third-culture kids/individuals can have delayed adolescence.
  • [14:14] The superpower of most third-culture kids/individuals.
  • [16:06] People with minimal cultural mobility can still widen their emotional intelligence.
  • [20:07] CULTURS Magazine: Celebrating every cross-cultural identity!
  • [23:40] “It was less about the format and more about the reach.”
  • [24:17] The Focus on Print: Print is not dead nor dying.
  • [32:40] CULTURS is a global multicultural lifestyle network.
  • [35:03] The differences that create a sense of belonging. 


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