573: The Importance of Telling Your Story with Michael Sharkey

In today’s episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and my guest, Michael Sharkey, as we talk about the power and importance of storytelling. Michael Sharkey is a podcaster, radio veteran, and coach with vast experience in the audio industry. Now, with the rise of podcast listenership, Michael helps entrepreneurs find their voices by confidently giving them the ability to create unique podcasts. Today, he shares his wealth of knowledge to develop the audience we want using the right tools we need. Also, if you are looking to start a podcast of your own, feel free to check out Michael’s gift in the links below!

Sharing Your Uniqueness in Service of Others

Podcasting is not about finding a good microphone and talking into it for hours on end. It is about finding your voice and telling your story. But it is not easy to find your voice when you are just starting. Hence, if you plan on starting a podcast yourself, the best place to start is to know what you want to talk about—and I mean, not just anything under the sun. It should be something you genuinely care about because it will help you find your voice and share a uniqueness you may have never known you had. Michael Sharkey said it best with a quote from Larry Winget, “Find your uniqueness and exploit it in service of others.” To Michael, this quote encompasses the truth of podcasts. In podcasting, everyone has an opportunity to find their uniqueness. But the best part is, when they share that uniqueness, others who identify with it will be inspired to do the same. In the end, everybody deserves a chance to share their story, and who knows, your story might just inspire someone else to share theirs.

Outline of the episode:

  • [03:25] How Michael got started and why he pursued the audio industry.
  • [05:40] The power of storytelling and the importance of critical thinking.
  • [08:29] Why he took a sabbatical after leaving radio and how it changed his life.
  • [11:25] How traveling is essential in self-discovery, learning, and development.
  • [12:30] Finding your voice amid vulnerability and exploiting in service of others.
  • [15:02] A step-by-step discussion on how to start your podcast and the value of knowing your uniqueness.
  • [19:35] How 100% of podcasts evolve and why it is okay to diverge from the initial plan.
  • [22:19] The secret to every great interviewer and why you should treat interviews like any conversation.
  • [24:33] How the only barrier to podcasting is your mindset and why everyone deserves to tell their story.
  • [26:57] Why quality still matters when starting a podcast and how your podcast can sound just like your favorites.
  • [30:47] How Michael Sharkey developed his Podcast Roadmap and why he enjoys sharing information with the world.
  • [35:41] How your podcast can take any shape you want it to be.
  • [39:26] Michael’s advice for aspiring podcasters and storytellers about being proud of your uniqueness and sharing it with the world. 
  • [42:56] How Michael uses his difference to make a difference. 


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