562: Embracing the Art of Kindness with Cole Baker-Bagwell

In today’s episode of the As Told by Nomads Podcast, join me and my guest, Cole Baker-Bagwell, as we talk about embracing the art of kindness. Cole is the founder of Cool Audrey and the host of the Kindness Think Tank Podcast, she dedicates herself to living with kindness and teaching people the importance of being kind. She shares in this episode the truths and important factors to consider about kindness. It is not always easy to be kind, that’s why it is a constant journey of awareness and learning from mistakes.

The Power of Kindness

In this fast-paced world filled with responsibilities and disasters, many people have forgotten the importance of kindness. Others think that being kind means you’re weak and vulnerable. As a result, they close their hearts off to everyone around them. Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable because you’re being who you really are, and kindness is strength. The power of kindness is endless, and the impact you could have on other people’s lives is incomparable. Not everyone has the courage to try and live with kindness because the journey is not easy. They have become used to living and thinking only of themselves. Whereas this is not always their fault, but you are also partly responsible for what you allow to influence and hurt you. Trust me kindness will bring more opportunities in your life rather than being unkind. With the guidance of kindness, you’ll learn to become your best self.

Learning how to be Kind

All human beings are inherently good and are wired to be compassionate. However, as we grow older, external factors begin to influence us to act otherwise. When we fail to become aware of these changes within ourselves, we lose sight of who we are. Although being kind seems easy, it can be difficult without guidance if you have no idea what it exactly is. Just like the skills we learn in school, kindness is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced. It needs a lot of awareness, commitment, and consistency. 

In order to treat people with kindness and compassion, you first have to have self-love. You can’t genuinely give what you don’t have and know. It starts with ourselves, and it’s important that you don’t miss any steps to really understand the value this can bring. Especially today, in this pandemic, we need kindness now more than ever.

About Cole Baker-Bagwell:

Cole is an unconventional blend of a business person, mindfulness practitioner, and yogi. She left her corporate career in 2019 to start building her own company. Today, Cole is the founder and Chief Kindness Advisor of Cool Audrey, a US based Consulting firm, teaching companies how to put kindness to work as a core business competency that runs through every fiber of the organization. 

Outline of the episode:

[03:43] Bringing kindness in the world in a practical way.

[05:07] Everyone is inherently good and wired with compassion.

[07:15] Religion and the evil three influencing our heinous acts.

[11:11] Valuing kindness as a core value of a company.

[14:08] Always start from a place of kindness.

[16:57] Awareness and disrupting negative neural pathways.

[20:18] Kindness doesn’t come easy for everyone; it needs to be cultivated.

[23:19] The importance of manifesting positive situations.

[28:07] Losing sight of your best self and believing there’s no other choice. 

[31:02] Kindness brings more opportunities in your life.

[32:00] Every person needs to practice and have self-love.

[33:31] The connection we lost because of our busy schedules and COVID.

[35:58] Life is not about the destination but the beauty in the journey.

[37:50] The idea of changing the world starts in your backyard.

[39:00] Kindness is strength; it is not a weakness.

[44:23] Being courageous to talk and live with kindness.


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