552: Ways To End Sars Brutality In Nigeria

It’s hard to feel anything but anger and disgust now but I know that we will not let the heroes that died yesterday down. Here are some ways you can help.




Depending on where live, there are different regulations around protesting but following #Endsars on any social media platform will give you multiple options.

Some of you may be reading this and saying to yourself this is happening to my country too. I won’t be surprised because it’s clear that what’s needed all over the world in our institutions is reform which is what the #EndSARS movement has become. In addition to fighting against police brutality, it is fighting against bad governance and corruption. It is also fighting for better jobs, education and infrastructures.

Nigerian lives matter!

The youth matter!

The continuous cycle of brutality and incompetence the government, military and police have shown will not stand.

This is not what we voted for.

The tragedy of yesterday will not be forgotten. You might have shot at us but our voices will not be silenced.


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