542: Going From Immigrant To Influencer With Leo Chan

Today's episode is with Leo Chan, the founder & creative director of Levitate Style. Leo defines Levitate Style as "rise above in effortless style". He was born in Hong Kong and moved to New York City when he was 10. Levitate Style was started in 2014 to showcase his passion of photography, modeling, style, and traveling around the world all in one. He started with photography as a hobby back in high school and then did some modeling part-time for two years. He worked in corporate banking for 4 years before starting Levitate Style with his lady Alicia Mara. They both quit their full-time jobs when they got a sponsorship project to travel the world for 5 months on a world cruise. Since then, they have been working full-time on Levitate Style. We dive into his immigrant story and how he unapologetically lives his dreams today.

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