531: Day 21 of #LetsTalkBias & Agenda For Week 4

This Sunday’s guest was Karlyn Percil the CEO of KDPM Consulting Group. We discussed the diversity and inclusion gaps that exist in companies, how to move beyond performative allyship, and the role emotional intelligence plays in debiasing.

The themes for this coming week are role play & collective action.

  • June 22: (Role Play) White Privilege Doesn't Exist.
  • June 23: (Role Play) I Just Want To Keep My Race Pure.
  • June 24: (Role Play) You Can’t Talk To Them, They Are Always Angry.
  • June 25: (Role Play) I Am Not Racist So Stop Bringing Up Race.
  • June 26: (Role Play) What About Black On Black Crime?
  • June 27: Team Up! June 28: Live With Ken Shelton at 5:30 EST.

See you tomorrow!


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