513: Day 4 of #LetsTalkBias

On day 4 of #letstalkbias, we are discussing the good person syndrome and the resistance that could come with that. With the realizations from yesterday, it's very easy to want to remind yourself of how good of a person you are. However, that distracts you from the big picture and your path to being an anti-racist. To be an anti-racist, you need to:

Know your history (which we covered yesterday)

Know how you benefit from and/or participate in the system of white supremacy AND


Today, I ask 4 more questions to reflect on. Remember, all these prompts will make up your bias journal.

Share your story.

Share your action.

See you tomorrow & use your difference to make a difference!

#letstalkbias #blacklivesmatter

Blog post: www.tayorockson.com/blog/day-4-of-letstalkbias


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