504: Nives Gadoni on Lessons She Learned From Being An International Madam

Today's episode is with Nives Gadoni. Nives, of Eastern Switzerland was exiled from the United States and Canada after serving 4 years in a New York State Prison back in 2012. She had been set up in a sting by an affiliate of a major hip hop record label who cooperated with Federal Agents in the take down of her underground sex empire. She shares the gritty details in the upcoming release of her tell all book.

Born to an Italian father and Swiss mother, Nives grew up in East Switzerland with her family. She always had a taste for the luxurious life. Moving to New York City in the wake of the new millennium, she made her way into the lives and bank accounts of the famous, wealthy and powerful. Nives credits her rise to the top to the worlds oldest profession. She gained the luxurious life she had always pictured by having over 50 of the worlds most beautiful women spread over four continents. But it came with a price. Prison, heartbreak and betrayal.

Nives is now residing in Europe and operating numerous legal businesses.

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