502: Janel Dyan On Female Leadership and Corporate Results that Will Never Go Out of Style

Today's interview is with Janel Dyan. Janel is an executive brand strategist and founder of Janel Dyan, Inc. With her proven JD Methodology and three step process, Dyan has found that a female executive’s personal brand is the missing link between female driven consumer economy, and the rise of women in leadership by asking not “What do I wear” but rather “What story do you want to tell?”

We talk about:

  • Understanding the JD Methodology TM and the three steps to establish truth, trust, and loyalty in the era of storytelling.
  • How this proven methodology can inspire others to create a waterfall of female empowerment through their personal brand story.
  • The impact our first impressions make in our careers and lives.
  • How investing in your women leadership will not only drive ROI but establish a dominant presence in your industry.


Resources Mentioned In The Episode


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