496: Mastering Communication At Work With Dr. Ethan Becker

Today's episode is with Dr. Ethan Becker. Ethan discovered, from a very early age, that if you knew how to harness the power of speech you would be the most powerful person in any room. He went on to becoming the youngest highest paid marketing exec at a very large corporate company and then decided to go off on his own. Today celebrity icons and major business leaders hire Ethan to control their fear of speaking, command greater attention and close larger deals. The white house even refers people to him to improve their political speech campaigns!

His book ‘Mastering Communication at work’ is an international bestseller (top 50 business books in Asia) and has been used at Harvard, Johns Hopkins University, University of Texas, and many other schools. Ethan has even bigger plans for the future as he believes that everything comes down to the way we communicate. He’s on a mission to heal the world through the psychology of communication.

We discuss the following:

  • The 3 stages to transforming beliefs and rapidly increasing sales
  • How to communicate with opposite personalities
  • How to upgrade the quality of your relationships with simple word choices
  • Why you DON’T want to talk like TED
  • How to handle defensiveness and turn any conversation around
  • Aristotles' patterns of reasoning’ to becoming a master communicator

Resources Mentioned In The Episode


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