495: Living The Location Independent Lifestyle With Johannes Voelkner

Today's episode is with Johannes Voelkner. Johannes Voelkner is the founder of Nomad Cruise - one of the largest digital nomad experiences in the world. Originally from Germany, he moved to South Africa in where he built his first location independent business. In 2010, he became a digital nomad. While he loved the lifestyle, he was missing the connections to other remote workers and craved community. He wrote the first travel guide for people who work online to inspire more people to live their dream and work while traveling the world. Eventually, the guide led to the creation of Nomad Cruise where he has helped thousands of digital nomads find community.

Johannes and I discussed the following:

  • How to successfully run a remote company with your team all over the world
  • How to see if the digital nomad life is right for you
  • How to build communities that bring life to a digital world
  • Traveling, living and working around the world

Resources Mentioned In The Episode


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