492: Diagnosing Our World's Leadership Breakdown With Eric Kaufmann

Today's episode is with Eric Kaufmann. Eric is an Executive Coach, Consultant, Speaker, and Author. He is someone who is both brilliant at business while also deeply humble as a result of over thirty years of spiritual training in Zen meditation. Leading retreats and mentoring high-powered CEOs and high-level executives through financial, relationship, and life crises, he has discovered that it is always an internal breakthrough that leads to the solution. The higher the success an individual achieves, the fewer options there are to find mentorship on the levels that matter most. Eric is known as a hidden jewel in Silicon Valley and Fortune 100 executives who share endless success stories of how they reached what they thought was their edge of achievement, only to discover Eric's guidance as a way to unlock their true, hidden potential.

In our episode, we discuss three pillars he feels are needed for developing conscious leaders: Wisdom, Love & Courage.

Resources Mentioned In The Episode:


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