475: Make Your Wierdness Your Edge & Be A Free Range Human With Marianne Cantwell

Today's interview is with Marianne Cantwell. Marianne is an author, speaker and mentor now but a decade ago she was a corporate-cage human who definitely needed out.    

After watching too many days go by when she was cooped inside staring out the window (feeling like she had to leave a big part of herself at the door in order to get paid), she finally quit her job and went free range.     

Not because she had some grand mission to ‘dominate the world’… but because she genuinely wanted to create an own boss ‘career’ where she got to feel like her – where she could work when, where and how she wanted, write her own ‘job description’ – and live a life that felt right every day.  

This philosophy is what underpins Free Range Humans today: a movement with 20,000 people, online courses and events, and one bestselling book, they have worked with thousands of people to find their thing and bring it to life – as them.   

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