466: Go Beyond The Golden Door And Walk In Freedom With Ali Master

Today's interview is with Ali Master. After flunking out of college, being unemployed, and getting hospitalized after a failed suicide attempt, Ali figured there was nowhere to go but up. Thus began this Pakistani Muslim immigrant’s journey through the American Dream—a process that would take him to partnership in one of the top consulting firms in the country in record time. His new book, Beyond the Golden Door, follows experience story of coming to the United States as college student, starting as a bottom-rung employee at McDonald’s, and taking advantage of the opportunities thrown his way, which later led to his success as Managing Partner at Ernst & Young.

We discuss:

  • How he overcame the challenges to thrive as an immigrant and live the American Dream.
  • His transition from McDonald’s to becoming a Managing Partner at one of the big 6 accounting firms.
  • The failure of his first business and how he bounced back.
  • How the “invisible hand” of capitalism and the visible hand of the rule of law co-exist beautifully.
  • Defining the American Dream beyond the material dimension.

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