462: The Transformative Power of Intercultural Competence With Lena Papadopoulos

Today's interview is with Lena Papadopoulos. Lena is an intercultural educator, consultant, and facilitator who offers workshops & retreats as well as intercultural competence coaching to help purpose-driven schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals. She creates customized experiences that facilitate self-discovery, self-awareness, meaningful human connection, and respectful intercultural engagement. The driving force behind her work is a desire to educate the whole individual—mind, heart, and soul. She believes developing intercultural competence can benefit people in every aspect of their lives.

We discuss the many benefits of prioritizing and developing intercultural competence, including:

  • Developing a deeper awareness of one's personal strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as how they impact others
  • Learning about different ideas, values, norms, experiences, and behaviors
  • Interacting more effectively and respectfully with people who do not share one's beliefs, customs, values, and attitudes
  • Cultivating and building meaningful relationships with people who have different life experiences
  • Assuming the best about people and limiting one's tendencies to judge or stereotype difference
  • Strengthening one's ability to cope with and recover from challenging emotional experiences

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