242: Strangers Abroad with Adrien Behn

Today's podcast is with Adrien Behn. Adrien is the host of the Strangers Abroad podcast. Strangers Abroad is a series of conversations Adrien had with the wonderful and weird people she met during her journey to Latin America in 2015: a 5-month, 5,000 kilometer adventure spanning 10 countries, hundreds of people, and countless stories. If you want to hear a first hand tale of booking a one way ticket and winging it then this is the podcast for you. It’s an honest example of long term backpacking: the successes and struggles, the screw ups and spontaneous adventures, and all the mundane moments in between. This podcast aims to illuminate how when you travel it becomes so clear how interconnected we are. Those you expose yourself to become part of you and vis versa from the taxi drivers, helpful locals, fellow volunteers, or the people you sit next to on a bus. Although I may have known these people for a few minutes, hours, or fortunate enough to spend months with them, we are now part of a larger story.... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy