455: Generating Income Online From Having A Specific Voice With Cheyenne Schwein

Today's episode is with Cheyenne Schwein (shy-an shh-wain). Cheyenne is the Brand Manager and Director of Social Media for her brand Bucket List Blonde. 

She focuses on teaching others how to generate an income online using their unique passion and voice to build influence and become a master at social media marketing.

Cheyenne Schwein is a former engineering student who quickly decided the 9-5 wasn’t for her after a summer internship. 

The fear of sitting in a cubicle for the rest of her life combined with her love for traveling drove her to become the digital nomad she is today. We discuss the following topics:

  • Facing the fear of doing something and doing it anyway
  • How she became a digital nomad by age 19
  • How to generate income online 
  • The world record that she is chasing

Resources Mentioned In The Episode


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