453: From Homeless to Billionaire with Andres Pira

Today's interview is with Andres Pira. Andres became a billionaire at the age of 35. He's the founder of over 20 companies including law offices, gyms, coffee shops, and a pretty sweet property portfolio.

The crazy thing is he didn't come from money. In fact, he was homeless at the age of 20!

In our interview, we discuss his new, upcoming book 'Homeless to Billionaire' and the following...

  • His 'Millionaire Morning' Routine
  • Hiring the Right People You Can Trust
  • The “No Negative People Rule” to Protect Your Bottom Line
  • How to Become “Competitor Proof” with the Right Company Culture 
  • Why He Gets All His Salespeople to Jump Out of a Plane  

Resources Mentioned In The Episode


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