448: How to Build The Chemistry Factor With Barney Feinberg

Today's interview is with Barney Feinberg. Barney is the Founder and CEO of The Chemistry Factor – Executive Recruiter and Coach. He is an expert in coaching clients on how to empower their values for greater career and business success.

At the age of twenty-five, his career journey took him to live in Asia for seven years, where he started a buying office for a large clothing conglomerate, becoming its COO. There he learned how to assimilate into a multitude of cultures, always with the purpose of building strong relationships at work.

For the last 25 years as a recruiter and 18 years as a certified coach, he has combined his skills, with a focus on helping others to achieve greater success and satisfaction at work. He is the author of the recently published book, "The Chemistry Factor – Create Powerful Business Relationships for Greater Success."

The most important factor in any position is the chemistry you have with yourself and the people you work with. Learn how to inspire your actions by empowering your values and create an authentic connection with anyone.

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