445: Understanding Your Learning Style, Self-care & Monetizing Your Expertise With Carey Rome

Today's interview is with Carey Rome. Carey is a recovering CPA who somehow can manage both left and right brain activities. Admittedly, right brain activities are where Carey thrives. An admirer of smart ideas, Carey is an avid (or maybe addicted) Podcast and audio book listener. So, if you see him with earbuds in, he’s not being rude, he’s trying to figure out how to better your business.

My favorite quote from him was the following: "fall in love with what you can't stop thinking about and water that seed."

We discussed the following in our episode:

  • How he figured out his learning style
  • The importance of resilience
  • The importance of self-care
  • How to figure out your expertise
  • How to monetize your expertise

Resources Mentioned In The Episode


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