439: How to be a Millennial Whisper with Chris Tuff

Today's interview is with USA Today bestselling author and 38-year-old ad executive Chris Tuff. We talk about how to recruit, retain, and motivate the largest labor force. As the youngest to make partner at the century-old advertising agency, 22squared, Tuff understands what makes Millennials tick in the work force and offers ways to bridge gaps in communication between Millennials and the rest of the workforce. An “out-of-the-box” thinker, Tuff encourages employers to create an environment that fosters creativity and comfort between employees and managers. Our interview touched on the following:

  • How many Millennial myths are inaccurate, leading to misunderstandings and mismanagement
  • Motivating and incentivizing young workers
  • Building a corporate culture in which Millennials can thrive
  • Identifying, training, and empowering leaders to get the most out of Millennials at their companies
  • Establishing effective rewards system (at lower costs than existing ones)
  • Designing career track options that motivate Millennials and keep top performers from leaving

Resources Mentioned In The Episode


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