426: How To Penetrate Your Self-Limiting Beliefs & Move Past A Fear Based Culture With Dr. Laura Gallaher

Today's interview is with Dr. Laura Gallaher. Laura is an Organizational Psychologist and Executive Coach who founded Gallaher Edge in 2013. She has worked with NASA to change the culture after the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded upon reentry in 2003, and with Disney to help them reconceptualize how they do performance management. She has over a decade of experience with creating effective cultures and coaching executive leaders. On top of that, she's spent the last 10 months traveling through South East Asia, Africa, Europe and currently South America. 


Laura’s goal is to penetrate the self-limiting beliefs and defenses that stop leaders from reaching their potential. She inspires them to reconnect with their internal power to move mountains by cultivating their inner courage. Her passion is fundamentally changing the way leaders see themselves by growing their self-awareness. I believe your listeners could gain a lot from her message.


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