424: The Opt Out Life With Nate Broughton

Today's episode is with Nate Broughton. Nate Broughton along with his co-host Dana Robinson hosts the Opt Out Life podcast, a popular podcast about creative hustlers who are living their version of modern success...making money with side gigs and real estate to achieve financial freedom.

The Opt Out Life is based on Dana’s book Opt Out, which has been called a fresh take on "The 4-Hour Workweek". Nate is an internet marketing veteran of 17 years who specializes in lead generation and client acquisition. He’s built and sold four companies and been involved in several acquisitions with private equity firms. After finding success in his twenties, Nate’s big “opt out” pivot was moving to California from Missouri in 2011. He and his wife are frequent travelers, who have now mastered the art of traveling with two young kids.

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