421: Teresa Truda On The Future of Travel with Blockchain

Today's episode is with Teresa Truda. Teresa is an entrepreneur and the expert in e-commerce. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of chozun 途赞 - an ecosystem for travelers to discover, book and access the best personalized local experiences & services powered by proprietary AI & Data Science, driven by crypto & the blockchain.

She has been featured in The AgeSky News and many other publications/ podcasts across Asia for successfully building chozun for Chinese outbound travel market and expanding it across 22 cities in Asia. In addition to that, she has been named one of the World's Top 10 Crypto Experts in 2018 by Cryptocurrency Magazine and was awarded GBC first prize for Female Entrepreneurship across China 2016.

She is also a lecturer and tutor at RMIT University, where she gives lectures on Digital Strategy, Marketing, Online Advertising, Social Media & Innovation. Teresa has obtained a lot of awards, for example, she has got the GBC first prize for Female Entrepreneurship across China in 2016.

Teresa is one of first two women to launch travel crypto and ICO across APAC.

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