399: The Cross-Cultural Perspectives Of Travel With Andy Steves

Today's episode is with Andy Steves.Andy has been traveling practically since birth. First it was touring Europe with his renowned father, Rick Steves, and now he currently splits his time between Prague, Medellín, and his home city of Seattle when he’s not traipsing about Europe and running his award-winning company, Weekend Student Adventures.

Our conversation was wide ranging and we largely talked about the importance of diversity, identity, intelligent conversation, nuance and expanding one's mindset.

Some more things we discuss are as follows:

  • The cultural importance (and impact) of traveling
  • The difference between fear and safety when traveling and how the concern for safety has changed globally. Andy can speak to the myths vs. reality.
  • What the best cities are for millennials right now.
  • The factors to consider when deciding where to go and how to travel.
  • How Europe specifically has changed and how that has affected travel, for better or for worse.
  • Why he followed in his father’s footsteps, but then how he created his own path with WSA.

Resources Mentioned In The Episode



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