397: Getting Back to Yourself with Kiera Noelle

Today's episode is with transformation coach, soul guide and spiritual teacher, Kiera Noelle. It's definitely one of my favorite episodes so far because we dove into the essence of what it means to be who you are, what it's like to find your unique soul print and how to stay in your truth. As a teacher of esoteric principles, she guides others back home to themselves - to explore their own consciousness and journey within - inviting them into the depths of their soul.

In our interview, we touched on the following:

  • How to go into deep oneness
  • Her life as a healer
  • What she learned from her experiences with different cultures and 10 years of exploring and experiencing different kinds of energy healing/modalities/schools of thought
  • Why you should choose love over fear
  • Diversity of humanity
  • Her background as someone who comes from a “white middle class family” and how it led her to be the lone wolf of her family AND
  • Her vision for the future



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