394: Reinventing Yourself with Eir Keïta

Today's episode is with a gentleman I once knew by the name of Elijah Bryant III. He now goes by the name of Eir Keïta. He has always been an entrepreneur before he knew what the word was. From selling his own birthday cake at 4 years old, to having massive success as a teenager with his first “real” business venture, it's been in his DNA.


Growing up in a single parent home; he learned many valuable lessons about hard work, and he also adopted some habits around money that he found later to be detrimental to his success.


He is a firm believer in adjusting as you will find out in the episode. To him, he feels that anything can be done as long as there is a willingness to adjust.


His life hasn't always been successful though. He went through a period in his life where he was getting in trouble with the law, being jailed; and eventually becoming homeless even after having early success in business. He learned lessons that humbled him greatly through this rollercoaster called life.


He now has a few different companies that he has founded and invested in. He travels the world frequently and is gearing up for a move to Central America with his beautiful wife and son.


We dive into all the stories above as well as the following:

  • Why he changed his name
  • Relationship with money
  • The power of mindset
  • Moving to Panama and how he connects across cultures


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