393: How to Be More Human in the Hiring Process with Steve Acho

Today's interview is with Steve Acho. Steve runs a staffing company and with his platform, he helps companies, recruiters and job seekers connect in a more human way with the use of today’s technology. His book Why Technology Recruiting is Broken and What to do About it has helped put into perspective the problem with recruiting and hiring today. Steve believes at the heart of successful recruiting and team building is a conversation, and technology can help facilitate a better experience. Steve earned his MBA while living in Japan and working for the CEO of Mazda. The published author has consulted CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, and currently operates the Detroit Michigan-based technology staffing firm Solstice Consulting Group. He is passionate about using technology to be more human, and helping “change the conversation” in the market, so that organizations can find better fits, and job-seekers can find more meaningful work. We dive into different ways to infuse humanization into digital platforms.

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