387: How To Avoid Culture Shock with Dee and John Lee

Today's interview is with Dee and John Lee. They are an Irish couple who launched an app called CultureMee. The app offers cultural insights as well as practical travel advice. It currently covers more than 70 locations – every country in Europe and 12 of the most visited destinations outside Europe, with more being added.

CultureMee has already been downloaded by 115+ different nationalities and was nominated for the National Startup Awards of Ireland a few months ago. They believe that CultureMee is going to change how we all see culture from now on. The world has never been more globalized, yet never more divisionalized. With many countries putting their barriers up, Dee and John feel that there has never been a more important moment in history to try and break down these barriers, and they passionately believe that understanding other cultures is one of the key tools people can use to forge bonds today. This goes to the heart of their vision for CultureMee.

We talk about how they founded the company, the importance of their app and the mechanics of launching a cross-cultural business.

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