375: Finding The Right Talent, Launching Kick Starter Campaign And Changing How You Shop With Esosa Ighodaro

Today's episode is with Esosa Ighodaro, the co-founder & president of COSIGN. She started her career as a banker on Wall Street before realizing that she wanted to do something else. By happenstance, she met future business partner Abiodun Johnson on a subway platform en route to a party. He asked her about her dress, they struck up a conversation and he ended up joining her at the event. Thus, their joint passions for fashion and tech created the foundations for their company, COSIGN.

COSIGN allows people to easily tag and find product information within a photo on a social platform, making the post “shoppable” and allowing the tagger to earn money from their social posts. With COSIGN, now anyone can earn money from their selfies.

We talked about her journey from finance to entrepreneurship as well as her passion for diversity and building a team.

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