371: Employer Branding & Employer Advocacy With Jorgen Sundberg

Today's interview is with Jorgen Sundberg. As a recruiter in 2003, Jorgen caught the early wave of digital marketing and tested many talent attraction tactics. Some failed, some didn’t, so for years. He kept updating and testing strategies while managing hiring campaigns for giants like IBM, Accenture, SAP, and Deloitte.

By late 2009, he thought he had enough proof: when social media communicated an uncommon employer brand = talent attraction improved.

Yet repeatedly he saw employer brands play safe.

Timid, decaf company missions – hung in corporate offices with words like innovation, cutting-edge, passion, and stakeholder. *yawn* As charming as a poor chap that tries to be liked by everyone.

Over time, a question took shape in his mind:

How might a well-crafted employer brand affect talent attraction if you aren’t a market leader?

This question continued to take shape over time and in late 2009, he quit his job to start Link Humans.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What Employer Branding & Employer Advocacy are
  • Why brand value is important for potential employees
  • How he defined his identity as a Swede and a Brit
  • How to encourage employees to tell stories

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