367: How To Lead In The Moment With Judith Humphrey

Today's interview is with Judith Humphrey. Judith is a communications expert who equips leaders to speak effectively in any situation by preparing to be spontaneous.

For senior leaders, spontaneous moments to influence and inspire happen daily – in meetings, in the corridor, in a tweet. To shine in these moments leaders must learn to listen, think, and respond within seconds. In her new book, Impromptu: Leading in the Moment, she discusses different ways to do this.

We discuss the following in our interview:

  • The power of “Scripting” yourself for any occasion
  • How to toss the index cards and develop impromptu remarks in the new age of speeches
  • How to instantly read any audience, anywhere, of any size
  • Lessons from great impromptu speeches throughout history
  • Tips to rapidly collect your thoughts and craft a persuasive message
  • How to master body language and speak with the physical presence of a leader

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