366: How To Build A Following With Your Expertise

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One of the most common challenges I have noticed while working with aspiring thought leaders and change makers is that a lot of them struggle with ways to position themselves as experts or the go-to people in their field of interest.

In fact, the number one question I get asked is this:

"What is the best way to communicate to my potential clients and the world that I am a subject matter expert in XXX?"

Essentially, they want to know how they can translate their expertise in a way that demonstrates trust and leads to a following.

So I recently asked Josue Peña, a growth expert who has a 200 million follower network this same question when I interviewed him for Thought Leader Academy (https://www.thoughtleaderprogram.com/courses/membership) and here's what he said: 

  • Provide value in what you're an expert in OR
  • Become the Google of the niche you want to be an expert in

I explain further in this episode.


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