365: How To Have Revolutionary Conversations With Mark H. Fowler

Today's interview is with Mark Fowler. Mark is the president of Stowe Management Corporation, and a business re-engineering specialist. Deficiencies in the way we communicate and increasingly divisive rhetoric espoused by our local and national leaders has seeped into our professional environments.

He is on a mission to create business environments that embody a culture of peace. Alongside Barbara Gaughen-Muller, Fowler developed a program, Revolutionary Conversations, to improve the quality of workplace interactions in order to help improve not only the peaceful culture of a business but also its bottom line. The methodology taught by Fowler and Gaughen-Muller can be used to overcome some of today’s most difficult business problems, including improving hiring and training, promoting employee engagement, reducing workplace harassment and bullying, uniting a group around a common purpose, and anything else that requires interaction for superior success.

We talk about how to encourage productive, peaceful communications between businesses and internally.

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