AIOTM - Video Series #3

AIOTM Video Series #3: Kniforkoon. We're a cast member down and the new young blood on the team seems to be plotting a permanent takeover. It reminds me of something, but surely there can't be a Shakespeare parody in the middle of all this rubbish about poo and robot sex? Richard is furious about a slight he has received from a young house guest and bamboozled by the specificity of the educational videos that his daughter has to sit through (introducing the big future star of TV, film or whatever they have in the future, Phoebe Herring). He is also planning to reinvent the way we eat food and his toaster robot obsession is getting out of hand (and into the slot of a toaster). Also what happens when you try to wee in the wrong place and finally Emma Kennedy gets what's coming to her.

This show is best enjoyed whilst sitting in Haslemere and eating some Dylan's Ice Cream:

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