How to invest in artificial intelligence in Asia-Pacific?

The era of AI has begun. Asia-Pacific’s spending on AI will reach around $50 billion in 2026. In the sixth episode of the series "Shelter from the storm: Investing in the era of uncertainty," sponsored by EquitiesFirst, we discuss the opportunities and risks around artificial intelligence investments in Asia-Pacific. Our guest speakers talk about the new business models emerging from the expanding industry applications of AI and how investors can leverage the associated investment opportunities. What AI can offer is almost limitless, but the opportunities don’t come without risks.

Our guests are: 

William Bao Bean, managing director at Orbit Startups and general partner at SOSV 

Arvind Sethumadhavan, founder at The AI Living Lab

"Shelter from the storm: Investing in the era of uncertainty" is a ten-part podcast series, supported by EquitiesFirst.

The episode is hosted by Bilge Arslan, analyst, Policy and Insights at Economist Impact.

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