Equestrian Portrait of Charles I by Anthony van Dyck - with Bendor Grosvenor

Bendor Grosvenor is a British art dealer, art historian and writer. He is known for discovering a number of important lost works by Old Master artists, including Sir Peter Paul Rubens, Claude Lorrain and Peter Brueghel the Younger.

The Equestrian Portrait of Charles I (also known as Charles I on Horseback) is an oil painting on canvas by Anthony van Dyck, showing Charles I on horseback. Charles I had become King of Great Britain and Ireland in 1625 on the death of his father James I, and Van Dyck became the Charles' Principal Painter in Ordinary in 1632.

The portrait is thought to have been painted in about 1637–38, only a few years before the English Civil War broke out in 1642. It is one of many portraits of Charles by Van Dyck, including several equestrian portraits.

It is held by the National Gallery, London.

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