Puppet of Aloysius Parker from Thunderbirds

In this episode Ben discovers more about one of the most recognisable puppets ever to grace the screen: Aloysius Parker from Thunderbirds. Crafted by master puppeteer John Blundall, this version of Parker was never used in the show itself but was made in 2002 from his original design, and is part of the collection at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Ben hears from guests including Jo-Ann Curtis, curator of history at the museum; filmmaker and writer Stephen La Rivière; broadcaster and Thunderbirds fan Samira Ahmed; puppeteer Ronnie Le Drew, perhaps best known for his performance as ‘Zippy’ in the long-running children’s TV show Rainbow; and David Graham, the man who voiced the original Parker in Gerry Anderson’s landmark series.

You can see an image of Parker by visiting https://www.artfund.org/whats-on/art-and-stuff

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