The Arsenal Women Arsecast Episode 12 - Role models

On this month’s episode of the Arsenal Women Arsecast, Tim is joined by author, broadcaster and journalist Dr. Carrie Dunn, Carrie is an expert and academic on all things women’s sport and is the author of two books about the Lionesses- Roar of the Lionesses (2016) and Pride of the Lionesses (2019)- which you can by here – or from your local bookstore if they are still delivering- they would probably appreciate the business right now!

Tim talks to Carrie about role modelling in women’s football, players in the women’s game are called upon to be role models, especially for young girls and to help increase participation in the sport. Many players see this as a privilege and an important responsibility- but to what extent is it fair? Is this just invisible labour we blithely place on female athletes?

Then Tim talks to Gunners defender Louise Quinn, who is a patron for lots of initiatives geared towards increasing participation in sport for young girls. Louise talks about why she believes in the power of role modelling and about her female role models when she was growing up. Tim also talks to Louise about how her and her teammates are handling training in times of quarantine and social distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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