Episode 760 - Multi-club

In this episode I'm joined first by Philippe Auclair to discuss the Premier League clubs voting against a motion to ban loans between associated clubs. We chat about those who voted against,

their motivations, what it might mean going forward, plus the wider implications of the multi-club model and how it can be used and exploited for good and bad.

Then I chat with Tim Stillman about a piece he wrote for Arseblog News, examining the reasons behind the lack of diversity within the Arsenal Women squad, as well as some Gabriel Jesus after his 90 minutes for Brazil during the week.

Read Philippe's piece here: https://www.eurosport.fr/football/premier-league/2023-2024/multi-propriete-des-clubs-la-premier-league-se-vote-un-permis-de-tricher_sto9892063/story.shtml

Read Tim's piece here: https://arseblog.news/2023/11/an-in-depth-look-at-arsenal-womens-lack-of-ethnic-diversity-why-it-matters-how-it-happened-and-how-it-is-being-tackled/

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