Zodiac’s Taunting Letters Decrypted Using Suspect’s Name | EP49

After seven plus years of hard work, a former news reporter, Dale Julin, has cracked some of the Zodiac Killer’s numerous ciphers and anagrams. In this episode, AMU criminal justice and forensic science professor, Jen Bucholtz, who also has a background in counterterrorism and private investigations, shares how the ciphers were decrypted using the suspect’s full name. She also discusses the mounting evidence pointing towards Gary Francis Poste including matching physical scars that had been identified by multiple witnesses, military training on a specific type of cipher and decrypting methodology used in the Zodiac letters, geographical location during the times of the murder, and more. Learn why she has partnered with The Case Breakers, an investigation group of more than 40 former law enforcement and experts, to bring this evidence to police in hopes they’ll take this information seriously and find resolution to one of the country’s most notorious unsolved serial killing cases. 

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