Series 3 is coming...

Look, we know how it is. The news has been saying stuff like "quantitative easing" and "the backstop" and "nationalisation" and "cows" for ages and you just nodded like you understood and now it's too late to ask without looking stupid. Luckily Danielle Ward is here for you, with her guest comedians, to ask experts the questions that reveal that they've not really been paying enough attention up til now - but from now on they, and you, will be able to follow current affairs with confidence.

We've already done two series, covering subjects like the NHS, Brexit and Northern Ireland; series three will cover Banks, Elections, The Police and, because it doesn't seem to have sorted itself out since we last spoke about it, Brexit again. Oh, and farming.

Check out our back catalogue, and subscribe now to make sure you don't miss an episode - the new series will be released weekly on Sunday evenings from the 10th February, 2019.

"Funny and insightful" - Miranda Sawyer, The Observer.

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