#433: Aiming to Be the First Female Black Pro Triathlete

Sarah and Amanda converse with Sika Henry who, at age 36, has her sights set on becoming the first professional Black female triathlete in the U.S. Sika shares:

the story of her first marathon, including calling her bestie to pick her up at Mile 17 (!);

details about a serious bike accident she had in a May 2019 triathlon–and her subsequent comeback;

reasons triathlon is dominated by Caucasian men—and what she’s doing to bring Black youth into the sport;

her recovery and self-care tools, including an innovative “human sound” therapy system; and,

her next competitive challenge in the absence of organized races.

The mother runners talk about their respective oldest kids + college in the intro chitchat; Sika hops on at 13:56.
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