BONUS EPISODE: Taper Nutrition + Living Nourished Like a Mother

In this special episode, Dimity and nutritionist Ellie Kempton share the details of Ellie's Two-Week Nutrition Taper Plan, which spells beautifully what to do two weeks out from a race to keep yourself healthy and ready to hit the starting line. In addition, Ellie shares 11 Race Week Recipes, including a delicious yogurt-marinated chicken (and explains why yogurt is the perfect marinade as you taper). Whether you're racing or not, we invite you to join us for Living Nourished Like a Mother: Fall, a vibrant program that blends the flavors of fall with the natural rhythms of the season. The result? Among other benefits, you'll tap into four weeks of helpful order, both in your life (think rituals + habits) and in your belly (no more bloat!).
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